Our Passengers

We launched Cycling Without Age Sheffield in spring 2019 and have been taking residents out from care homes in the Nether Edge and Broomhall areas on a weekly basis since then. We have also give scenic loops of Norfolk Park to members of Age UK’s Wellbeing Centre

We have recently been gifted a new Trishaw (with thanks to Sheffield City Council) so we now have a fleet of two ‘Rhubarb’ and ‘Ginger’. Ginger will used to provide rides in other parts of Sheffield, in particular Greenhill and Low Edges. We also have interest in setting up rides in Firth Park.

Please contact us if you have contacts (potential pilots or passengers) in these new areas, or if you run a care home or facility for less mobile people in the Sharrow/Nether Edge/Broomhill or LowEdges/Greenhill areas and would like to explore options for rides out.

This is what Roy of Grange Crescent Residential Care Home had to say about his ride:

“As an OAP I have been amazed to see little children riding 2-wheeled bicycles.  I got my first bike at age 11 (passed the 11-plus!).  Now on Thursday from 10:30-12:30 I and my cosy companion can mount the 3 cosy seats on a 3-wheeler ridden by a healthy young woman who volunteers for “Cycling Without Age Sheffield”.  We trickled through the traffic to Endcliffe Park where there are many children riding bikes.  We enjoy them and the ponds, streams, fish and ducks and eventually end up in the lovely woodland and arrive at the War Memorial.  It attracts many of course who are moved by the words, sculptures and flags.  As an ex-lance corporal in the infantry, I wanted to salute but I salute the system that got me to such a moving place on a 3-wheeler.”

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