Ginger and friends in Lowedges!

We’ve now had our second tribike, Ginger, up in Lowedges for just over three months so it seems a good time to tell you how we’re getting on. We are committed to a partnership approach here. We offer the ‘resource’ of volunteers and the bike, and take time to work with local people and organisationsContinue reading “Ginger and friends in Lowedges!”

Love Park Rides suspended

Regrettably we’ve decided to stop doing the ‘love parks’ rides in Endcliffe and Weston Parks with immediate effect. Though technically still within guidelines, we think we need to respect requirements to reduce the range of social contacts. Also, fickle weather has been a problem and it’s unlikely to get better. These have been worth trying;Continue reading “Love Park Rides suspended”

Feature in the Sheffield Telegraph

“It’s the best day I’ve had since lockdown!” said 94 year old Margaret who took a trip on Ginger the electric tricycle on the Monsal Trail last weekend. We were featured in the Sheffield Telegraph 15 September 2020. Read the full article at: